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Inventor Of The Open Grass Reads Quarterback Training

Over a decade ago I started my journey as a high school football coach. I have been fortunate enough to work on some amazing staffs, that have accomplished record breaking feats. I first served as a Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Defensive Coordinator, in Georgia. Utilizing the Air Raid offense the teams were able to break numerous offensive records in rushing and passing, and lead the AAA state in passing yards.

I started this website as a way to serve other coaches and learn from them also.  As a coach it is my duty to serve others, and help them in anyway that I can. To share advice, information, and seek deeper knowledge from this great calling.

I seek the opportunity for us to grow, improve, and strive for being better despite obstacles, hardships, or setbacks. I believe that the greatest ingredients for success are hard work and opportunity. I strive to teach and model the behavior of a servant based leader. I want all young people to feel valued and affirmed in their journey as a student-athlete. Teaching them to empathize and see things from others eyes, wanting success for their fellow teammate as much as for themselves. In the end I want football to be fun, engaging, and meaningful in their lives. A direct application to their lives.

Providing each with the best possible instruction and teaching them the character traits to be a good man. Thriving on the struggles, journey, and contests. To be able to look at defeat as a way of self-observation not desperation. Persistence and focus within hard work will lead to success. The willingness to endure discomfort for the greater of good is the basis for them reaching their goals.

I received my degree from Liberty University and started my coaching career in middle Georgia. I am supported by my wife and two daughters, who are at every kickoff and have followed me every step of the way on my professional journey.

I am currently the offensive coordinator for the North Surry Greyhounds, in Toast, NC. I am a small part of an outstanding staff that is committed to teaching young me to compete and persevere on and off the field. If you are ever in the area feel free to stop in, we are always ready to talk ball.