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Calling it Quits

Posted: May 10, 2020 at 12:27 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

At the end of this month will cease to exist.

The COVID-19 had given me alot of time to take a step back and think. For the first time in nearly 2 decades I have been without football (physically working).  I have been on the phone with college and high school coaches, but being away from staff and players on a face to face has led me to some conclusions. There has been alot going on in the offensive world lately, and I made a few post analogies about such recently, and  it seems things are changing when it comes to online content. 

I started this site to talk about obscure things in football, highlight a program, with outstanding student/athletes in the foothills of North Carolina, and to show proof the Air Raid offense could be ran efficiently anywhere in football. Even mate it to a potent running game that was equally effective. We have accomplished that more people in our area are throwing the football at a higher frequency and at a higher proficiency. 

More importantly I wanted to give back to sites that I have spent years reading like:  smartfootball, jameslightfootball, RunCODhit, Brophy, and Coach Huey. I spent hours on these sites learning football, and reading everything I could find. The content helped assist coaches (along with myself) around this nation, and we had them and many more bookmarked for updates each week. 

As patrons to sites, please take into account, that the article or video they post takes up to 3-4 times to produce than you might think. It is a full time job to create, research, and produce content. With the cost of web hosting, and other operating costs, many of these sites are working at a charitable level. And I am also positive that many of these coaches (like myself) has given away more free content than probably sold. Send a thank you to them sometime unlike I did. 

I would like to thank for giving me a chance on a podcast several years ago. Which then turned into a clinics that opened the door to many more opportunities. I cannot tell you how many people have contacted me because of these opportunities. It takes coaches like Ron reaching out to these small market coaches, and placing otherwise unknown content in the computers of coaches around the world. 

I would also like to thank George Coltharp . He put me in touch with all the right Air Raid people back in 2015, when I was knocking the dust off all my cobwebs inside the offense. I made a cold call direct message and he treated me like we had been friends forever. I appreciate his hospitality over the years, and have enjoyed our conversations, and ever reaching out to have me speak at his Air Raid clinic (if not for COVID-19). He did not have to do what he did, but I cannot go without mentioning how he went over and above to help me. He continues to do the same through his website and availability to coaches. 

Coach Singleton thank you from pushing my content early on, and reaching out to me. You helped me in countless ways in clinics, meeting people, and also coaching questions, and becoming a friend. I am sure I would have never reached the content that I did if It was not for your efforts. 

Coach Monroe thank you for allowing me come and speak at the clinic. Since you have always given my name to people and also called to check-in and follow-up. I appreciate your willingness to take a chance and give me a few hours to speak. Georgia boys gotta stick together. 

Coach Lasker is doing a tremendous job reaching the middle school and youth movement to get the ball air born. I greatly appreciate what he is doing for football, and the positive approach he takes to every coach he comes in contact with. 

Drew Piscopo , is one of the best of breaking down the offense to a science. I am glad to call him a friend, and someone who I can call and ask questions to. Every coach needs someone who will give you the blunt truth and he is one of those for me, and I greatly appreciate. He and I have both had the pleasure of working under the same Head Coach, and I hope that someday we can all sit on the porch with him and share stories of days gone by. It is hard to argue with the yardage he has put up in this offense. 

Coach Lyons for allowing me to bring an unorthodox approach to offense in 2015. It was new to everyone and a big risk, but as a head coach allowing me the platform to grow and move this offense meant a great deal to me personally. 

Thank you to all the coaches who have reached out to me over the last 4 years. I have great friends that I have never met in person, but we talk as often as if we were neighbors. This community of coaching is a great environment because we get to work with each other as well as young student athletes. I will still be around and available to talk ball and answer questions at any time, and possibly see me pop up at clinics from time to time. May even write for some sites from time to time. You can still follow me at Patrick Taylor  or at JustCall6 . Many of you have my number, do not hesitate to reach out to me. 

Some others Coaches I would suggest would be

Tanner Hiatt . He has coached 2 QB that were POY, and also as our OC led us to over 5k yards this past season. 

Robby Spurlin . He has coached our RB’s that have averaged over 1800 yards in our backfield since 2015. He can tell you everything about our backfield and what we do. 

Will Hodges . He coached our offensive line to the surpass the 5k yard mark this past season. After spending 4 years in college at the position he brings a  wealth of knowledge to the table. 

All of these coaches can tell you what we do in the Open Grass Reads.

My next venture will be a podcast that has nothing to do with X and O’s, but mental health, psychology, relationships, and dealing with each student athlete. I am looking forward to this even if I have no listeners. This was a decision I have been wrestling with for a while, and I wanted to make sure I thanked everyone along the journey. As I said earlier I will be around and always willing to talk ball do not hesitate to reach out. I appreciate you all and it has been a great ride. 

Patrick Taylor

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