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How to know your Opponent: The Secret to Game Planning

Posted: May 20, 2018 at 4:55 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

HUDL has been a game changer in the world of high school football. Anyone who can remember going and trading VHS or DVD early on a Saturday morning knows exactly what I mean. The default reports that we all can use, are miles ahead of entering the info into a spreadsheet and running queries. We have been able to save a tremendous amount of time, and I feel that we only scratch the surface with the complete weekly chore of breaking down our opponents.

I used to spend 8-12 hours a weekend on HUDL, before Sunday breakdown meeting. I would visually memorize the basis of my opponent. Trying to find the correct queries and sheets to give me a starting point for my plan. By week 8, I was literally a walking zombie, who was still not clear on what I would be facing. I knew I had to find a better way to get the exact information I want. Fast forward to talking with coaches now, and the biggest question I get asked is what do I look for when breaking down an opponent. How do I structure my call sheet, and practice plan ideas. From my engineering background, my mind makes me stream line this entire process to be an A+B=C.

I have the answer and I want to share with you. The most precise way to breakdown your opponent can be found by clicking on this link. Check out the reviews of this clinic, on the page. My friends over at CoachTube, have hosted this clinic for me, and many coaches have installed this way to stream line the process.

Inside this clinic, I dive deep into:

•How to use the field to break down your opponents and organize your game plan.

HUDL Breakdown Clinic

•Save yourself a lot of time and stress
•Instill in your team confidence in your play calling and what to expect in every phase of the game.
•Practice and Rehearse your game plan throughout your weekly practices.
•Take command of your play calling
•Be able to adjust in critical moments of the game
•Use Hudl to get the results YOU want as an Offensive Coordinator
•Expose the thinking of your opposing Defensive Coordinator’s idea of defense.
•Fill out your call sheet, practice schedule, and breakdown in one fluid step.

Make Hudl work to find the clear and precise information you need as an Offensive Coordinator. Know your opposing DC all week during practice. You don’t have to script plays and potentially waste an opening possession. Take control of your offense from the first snap. Using these tactics will maximize your efficiency and make your offense explode.

This method has allowed me more time to coordinate the practice plan, play sheets, and call sheets each week. It will make your weekly grind see a lot less stressful. The HUDL analytics I use dives deeper and weeds through to get the exact information that you need to gain a clear advantage on your opponent. Direction and Execution will now be your biggest weapons, and you will definitely not hesitate to make the call in “Crunch” time.

I also include the downloadable files that will let you fill our your breakdown sheet, create your practice play, and an organized play sheet. This is all free to you, and available for you to continue to keep in your library. I have spent the time creating these, and I am willing to share them to help save you time.

My friend Ron Mckie, who runs RobMckieFootball, and also produces one of the best podcast in the business, had me on for a live youtube clinic. Click here to see me briefly talk about how I breakdown my opponents, and also to see the ideas behind my Engineered Air Raid Offense. If you are not a follower of his I would definitely say it is a must. He produces the info coaches want to listen to.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at anytime. If you are curious about how our Air Raid is unique, click here to see how we have continually produced.

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