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If you want to win forever always compete.

Offensive Philosophy

1. Play Fast “Tempo

    A. Spot the ball and get lined up

2. Play Relentlessly

   A. Run/Block physically and ferociously 

   B. Demand in practice

3. Play Instinctively

   A. Make the defense defend the entire field. 

   B. Execute

   C. Simplicity leads to execution 

   D. Simplicity allows for confident and proficient play

4. Balance

   A. Distribution to players

   B. Attack the whole field

   C. Take what is given

5. Excel at things that take no talent. 

   A. Ball Security

   B. Win 1st Down

   C. Red Zone Scores: Score 90% TD’s 70%

   D. Explosives: 9 per game : Runs of 10+ Passes of 16+

   E. Limit Dumb Penalties: 1 per 30 plays

   F. Win the 4th Quarter:1. Outscore 2. Outgain 3. Win time of possession