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Why the Air Raid?

Every scheme has been successful over the course of football history. When a coach believes in a specific one, it lies at his core.  

I can clearly remember sitting on a couch on a saturday in the call. A bunch of guys had met in the dorm commons area to watch college football. I have always been a fan of the University of Kentucky, and they had hired a coach from Valdosta State University. As I watched Hal Mumme’s team run this offence, I could see that not only was it exciting, but it utilized every inch of the field. In the bluegrass, it was called “basketball on grass.” His teams upset many rivals, and he took a team that was an afterthought and made people take notice. I decided at that point if I ever became a coach this is what I wanted to do. 

For me the Air Raid was not a fad, it was completely logical.  Utilizing the wide line spilts allowed the lineman to keep the defensive pass rushers further away from their target. It also opened holes for the running game, much like option teams used decades earlier. The stretchinG of the field both horizontally and vertically, while using screens to keep the blitzers honest, allowed us to take advantage of aggressive defenses. When I utilized this offense, teams have shattered numerous records, and been involved in fairy tale endings. The teams took on a “David versus Goliath” mentalitly that has seen the giants fall.

I spent the latter part of the 90’s scouring the internet in its infancy, for anything piece of information I could find. My pursuit for the information continues to this day, and I always have an open ear to anyone speaking on this offense. I am now a proud member of the Air Raid System. I strongly encourage you to join me as a member. The information given by this membership exceeds my needs as a coach. This site truly give a coach everything they need to properly install, and run this offense. Check out to become a member, and open a library to your program, and get the insider information not found anywhere else.