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You Wanna Know Why?………

Posted: March 16, 2018 at 8:43 pm   /   by   /   comments (5)

I have spent the last couple of months speaking with coaches all across the nation. Some outstanding men, with great programs lending knowledge to one another. Their interest is in the Open Grass Reads concept inside the E.A.R.O.  They wanna know Why?

As many of us do, we spend the whole off season chasing answers, to the problems that we had from the following season. We want to get better in what we do, and how we do it. I have never been a “fad” kinda guy. I need numbers and results to figure it out. I am an analytical monster. As many coaches who are searching for answers, after many years of coaching I have found some definitive answers. I want to explain to you why I converted to the “open grass reads” concept.

As I have stated I have been studying and following Air Raid teams for many years. I am a self diagnosed “football

Myself on top of Georgia Capitol Building Atlanta Georgia

junkie.” By nature I am an engineer. I spend several years before coaching as a designer/project manager for a large commercial construction company. During this stint, I had to get a large crew of different guys to work together under the constraints of “acts of  God,” language barriers, attitudes, entitlement, learning curves, time, money, bids, communication and many other hurdles. This should sound familiar to a coach? My job was to streamline the process and make it as precise, efficient, and profitable as possible. In the business world this is caused profit margin.

So as my foundation was created in this mindset, I have always taken this approach to football. Strip something down to the needed essentials, and make it as precise and efficient as possible. Create a process that is repetitive and successful. As a coach in the Air Raid, I felt this was the basis of the offense, and at what drew me to it. It is adaptable by: formations, personnel, style, and ability. When I translated this into my first coaching stint, I found that I needed to find a way to make it the same as my job as a project manager.

My heroes in the Air Raid coach on the big stage. The ones that I spend countless hours studying discussing, and emulating. But the variables that they face at the college level are different than the high school coach. So I had to develop a path, that would work at the lower level, and translate to the same success at the higher level. In high school football, I knew I had these variables before I ever walked onto a practice field:

  1. I am not able to recruit my personnel
  2. I am not able to spend countless hours with my students
  3. I cannot spend unlimited monies on training, equipment, and tutorials
  4.  I could not continue to create variables in my own teachings

This led me to create the E.A.R.O. Translation the Engineered Air Raid Offense. I wanted to stream line the Air Raid into a simple process. This is a quarterback controlled offense, and that is no different than any other inside football, but how could I create a process for coaches to teach this in a universal setting. I spent many years watching and reading how to teach triangle reads, pre and post snap reactions, along with protection and running game. Great ideas, great coaches, and very sound teaching, but I was still searching for a streamlined approach. I love the systems and gifts and advantages, but I wanted simple, precise, and efficient teaching.

Since it starts with the quarterback, I started compartmentalizing the offense. Creating and grouping concepts. Learning the if/then, and reaching the Open Grass Reads concept. I started writing my first book, and making an idea/install manual, but what I was reaching into was not mechanics, throwing motion, footwork, or anything other quarterback article. I wanted to find how to “train” the quarterback to read and react. I started studying the brain.

What sets Open Grass Reads Apart from others? It is BRAIN training.

In order to conquer this goal of mine I had to make a universal brain training. Everyone who plays has a brain, and this part of the body is what separates functionality. I had to start there. Quarterback’s who struggle is because of the brains processing ability. The pre-snap process was not correctly recognized to the brain. This is a key reason I believe the Open Grass Concept is universal in any offense, not just particular to the Air Raid. In the Open Grass Reads Concept, I have created a process for the brain. We have to understand how reaction works. They eyes record for the brain, and cause reaction. They process the variables that are presented to us. I decided to title this the Slow Process.  For example: if you close your eyes and allow someone to punch you in the nose, you are gonna get nailed. If you do the same thing with your eyes open, you are going to react. The brain uses the eyes to process your reactive movement. Throwing the ball post snap is a reactive movement, not a guessing game.

If you want your quarterback to be precise, efficient, and reactive, you must master the slow process.

This type of training is all pre-snap. The process I created is basically four questions the quarterback asked himself pre-snap. We do not identify the “Mike,” or shout things out, we process the picture the defense has given us. We speak to the brain, and it records the info, and computes it through reaction. The post-snap that delivers the big plays, and nice reads, and hall of fame players, all happened before the ball was snapped. In order to execute, you must understand the plan. What is nice about the Open Grass Concept, is creates an understanding that is completely universal to any look the defense can give.

I no longer have to create clutter by identifying the “Mike” or teaching hours of coverage to my quarterback. I teach the equation that leads to the create reactive output. Input/Output. This is what is unique to the Open Grass Reads Concept. I found the process that delivers continual results.

The Slow and Fast Process teaching is what is unique to the E.A.R.O Open Grass Reads Concept. 


The walk-through drill is where it all starts. This is a scaffolding of teaching that leads into 7 on 7 and game situations. In this drill we are “engraving the reactions that are needed warranted. We are brain training in the game of football. ‘The game is no longer do what I say,” It is “‘react to what you see.” With a tennis ball, and some space you can install every concept in your offense, they way you want. I decided to take a page from Pavlov’s theory of the salivating dog. If you do something over and over, you will get the same reaction. In a sense you are teaching your quarterback to salivate. Empower yourself as a coach.

The walk-through drill is where it all starts. In a sense you are teaching your quarterback to salivate when he hears the “bell ring.”

This drill works both the slow and fast process, and allows you to see the reaction, and interject as needed. It makes your coaching responsive and not directive. This empowers you as a coach. I learned the freedom of this drill allowed me to be the most powerful coach that I could ever be. The players were reacting just as I always envisioned. I only wished I would have done this earlier in my career, but like most of us I was reluctant to what the outcome would be. This is not the age old way of teaching a quarterback and installing an offense. It was really pushing the envelope and standing on an edge.

I created a 40+ page book that does into great detail about the Cognitive “brain” training of the Open Grass Reads Concept. This book takes you step by step with diagrams, and process to understand the slow and fast process. By installing this offense our quick game is faster, and our drop back hits as fast as most teams quick game. We train the brain to react at a much higher rate than ever before. This is can be purchased for download from my store.

Are you creating a dysfunctional puppet or a dynamic player?

This off season I released a series of free clinic that can be found in several areas. These videos teach you the walk-through drill, the 4 verticals system we use, and the cross and shallow concepts. This is over 180 minutes of FREE clinics that you can watch. Find out how to incorporate these into your system and see the results.

By installing this offense our quick game is faster, and our drop back hits as fast as most teams quick game. We train the brain to react at a much higher rate than ever before. 

The first clinic encompasses the walk-through drill. It is a must see to understand the grasp of the concept. It can be found at Coach Ron Mckie JR. youtube site, or on coachtube if you are a member.

The second clinic helps you install our 4 verticals play called “6.”

The third clinic helps you install the Y Cross and Y Shallow concepts.


Great minds value time. This is the one aspect I spent the most time fighting. Everything we want is designed to create more of it. So I also took the E.A.R.O and implemented the process into game planning. HUDL has been a great invention to coaches who ever used a sheet of paper and cut-up VHS tapes. When it first hit the market is was a time saver, and still is. But how do you get someone’s software to give you the answers you really want. Well I took my production background and learned how to get HUDL to give me the answers any offensive coordinator wants. I created a clinic that includes a 30 minute video of how and why of the breakdown, and also include all of the spread sheets, and files needed to do so. This clinic is a must have for those demanding more precise information, in lesser time. Here is a link to the Game Planning Clinic. For less than a movie rental you can gain shear advantage for the upcoming year and a great way to scout last years opponents to see how you could have been better.

This clinic is a must have for those demanding more precise information, in lesser time.


I always have the coach in mind. I have started to create precise installation manuals. These E.A.R.O. downloadable books are direct information for install and teaching, and include a clinic video that is essential to gaining a deeper understanding for the concepts. These are priced friendly and are yours to keep after download. I will release these for each of the concepts and they will be available at my store as well. I recently published the Y-Corner manual and I have had great reviews from it.

I would encourage you to go to my home page and enter your email address to become an E.A.R.O. insider. I send out a weekly newsletter including insider information, and free giveaways. It is delivered to you every Monday morning at 7:30, so that you can have your fresh cup of your morning drink and start your day with some insightful offense. I have always prided myself with being open and available to coaches, and that is where I find the most joy in all of this. I have spent many years arriving at this point, and I want to share it with anyone who is interested. IF you want to engineer your offense do not be left out. Find the results you have been searching for, and make your process more dynamic.


Coach Patrick Taylor


Engineered Air Raid Offense





Comments (5)

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  • March 28, 2018 at 12:16 pm Carmy Cesaire

    Great concept, OC’s and QBs will have more confidence in throwing the ball downfield! The air raid has been good to us and this will only add to it.

  • March 28, 2018 at 12:28 pm Josh

    Great insight coach!!

  • March 29, 2018 at 2:05 am Rick

    Although we are not a strict air-read team I can hardly wait to implement your “slow process” into our summer off-season program. I have watched your videos several times and they just seem so logical. I appreciate your process with the high school QB in mind.

  • March 31, 2018 at 3:04 pm Billy Truax

    Great stuff Coach!! Can’t wait to give the tennis ball drill a try this year. Look forward to seeing the hudl playbook

  • April 1, 2018 at 1:47 am Bobby Jones

    Great article!